Kimark’s Burner Management System- Safety Control Device for Fired Vessels

Burner Management
In today’s fast-paced oil and gas industry, the right burner management system (BMS) is essential for controlling and monitoring fired vessels. The right burner management system not only ensures safe startup and operation but safe shut-down as well.
Industries such as the oil and gas industry are heavily regulated and for good reason. A BMS system will monitor and control various pieces of equipment while heating any vessel to the desired temperature set point. Burner management systems are an essential safety component—but not all systems or companies are created equal.
With a proven track record in the industry, that includes 200+ installations across the country, Kimark doesn’t just offer state-of-the-art equipment, it has the experience as well. Whether clients are involved with upstream, midstream or downstream operations—these systems can be used through all phases of the industry.
With their advanced technology and custom applications, Kimark has the ability to build exactly what their customer wants, no matter what their management system needs may be. Plus, by using state-of-the-art technologies, Kimark can make systems that don’t just work, but that makes the management process easier. This includes:

  • The easy-to-use menu on the controller screen to set parameters for and control ignition sequence.
  • A design meant for 24 volts or 12 volts—making solar charging an easy solution for remote, or non-powered applications
  • Optional pilot on-demand mode that leaves the pilot off until it is needed at a specific preset temperature or pressure—and innovative feature that can save both money and fuel.
  • On-board inputs and outputs that allow the BMS to be easily configured for a variety of control sequences and shut-downs.
  • The ability to collect and log data in a multitude of ways, including the ability to generate that date into user-defined reports.

With four different system models available and the option to customize each package to fit the client’s needs, there is truly something for any application where heat is being utilized for the processing of natural gas, oil, or by-products of oil and gas production.
Kimark has made it their mission to help companies across the country protect both their workers and the environment with their BMS products. By using today’s most advanced technology in their systems, the Kimark BMS’s is ushering in the next generation of proven devices that put customization, control and most importantly, safety at the forefront of their products.
Kimark’s systems are now available for installations. For more information on Kimark’s burner management system, and all of their unique products and services, visit our website at