OTA Compression Solutions’ Patented, Horizontal VRU Compressors Are Field-reparable.

OTA Compression's KS40

Operators need to take into account several key factors when selecting the right compressor technology for a Vapor Recovery Unit. OTA Compression’s compressors are changing the game for those in this industry.
When considering the right compressor for any VRU, not all technologies have been designed to offer vapor-emission capture. This is critical to implementing an effective vapor recovery solution. With their industry-leading controls, OTA Compression has managed to cover four factors that every operator must take into account:

  • oz or psig
  • Very wet, high BTU flash gas
  • High/low gas volumes
  • Discharge pressures (psig)

While screw, rotary vane, and scroll compressors were once popular control devises in the oil & gas industry, OTA has developed a modular design to help overcome the shortcomings that can affect the field operation of these compressors.  OTA Compression’s patented compressor, known as the KS-40, a horizontal-opposed reciprocating compressor not only comes with low maintenance costs and a long (30,000+ hours) life expectancy, but it also features an innovative design, created with today’s operators in mind.
The horizontal-opposed cylinder configuration takes advantage of the gravitational forces to evacuate liquids before they cause damage to the cylinders. With its highly efficient design, paired with low noise delivery, it does so much more than just processing liquids well.
OTA’s KS40 and KS20 horizontal reciprocating compressors have no custom machine internal parts, making these compressors field-reparable. Rods, pistons, rings, bearings, crankshaft, and cylinders are all common off-the-shelf automotive parts.
The modular design of this device allows for head, cylinder, piston or ring replacement without removal of the compressor from the unit. This is something that the reciprocating, screw and vane compressors simply cannot offer.
Additionally, the units do not require a temperature sensor, an ASME coded oil/gas separator or an oil heater or cooler. These compressors low oil volume are excellent in variable inlet pressure situations, as well as variable discharge pressure situations.
OTA offers units for sale or lease. For more information, contact our sales department in your region. The contact information is available by visiting our contact page at https://otacompression.com/contact