OTA Compression

OTA Compression is where it all began. Founded over 15 years ago, OTA Compression has offered state of the art equipment to help oil and gas operators stay in compliance and maximize their operations.

About OTA Compression

Starting as a small wellhead company, OTA Compression quickly shifted to designing and manufacturing VRUs, flares, instrument air packages, and vapor blowers. However, just building this equipment wasn’t enough.

OTA realized companies did not have the manpower to properly maintain this equipment, leading to field offices across major basins in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico with cross-trained technicians. OTA’s ability to not only build this equipment, but also maintain it, has provided a significant competitive advantage.

Field Services

Equipment and environmental services are great, but it has to work in the field, OTA’s emphasis of field services in each of its markets is key to making equipment operational and lower emissions.

Preventative Maintenance

Conducting PMs on your well-site equipment is critical for reducing downtime, maximizing production, reducing emissions events, and meeting your operating budget objectives.

24/7 callout service

South Texas: (830) 328 7389
New Mexico: (505) 803 5081
West Texas: (432) 528 1885
Oklahoma: (918) 623 9922


OTA can help you upgrade or retrofit existing equipment in the field to improve its operation and reliability or to have it comply with current regulatory standards.


HP/LP or Dual Flares

High pressure and low pressure gas streams are commonly combined into one HP/LP flare to reduce cost or meet other process considerations.

Assisted Flares

Air Assist (power required) and Gas Assist (no power required) versions to ensure clean, smokeless burn.

Utility Flares

Meets the basic flaring requirements for continuous duty or emergency flaring needs for low pressure (LP) or high pressure (HP) gas streams.

Refurbs of Existing Flares

Retrofit existing flares in the field to ensure operational efficiency.


Screw & Recip Options Available – OTA focuses on three standardized packages providing flexibility and availability.

Instrument Air

Standardized packages (5hp, 10hp, 15hp) designed specifically for oil and gas operations to lower GHG emission. Instrument air converts natural gas into compressed air and eliminates the use of fuel gas which improves your emissions profile.

Vapor Blowers

Helps reduce pressure on tanks and boosts gas to emissions control device economical solution to optimize facilities’ process flow and is a much better option than completely overhauling your facility.



EPA Compliant, fully insulated combustor with data logging capabilities.


EPA Compliant, stainless steel combustor – This unit is EXCEPTIONAL for more economical and H2S applications.