OTA Compression Offers Cost-Effective OGI Camera-Powered Surveys to Help Clients Meet LDAR Federal Requirements

OTA is conducting surveys with OGI camera technology—an approach that is not only more reliable than competing M21 methods, but one that is a cost-effective solution for clients as well.OGI Camera Powered SurveysVapor recovery and wellhead compression company OTA Compression is offering OGI camera-powered surveys to deliver more reliable and cost-effective solutions to their customers. They can handle all new or modified upstream and midstream (compressor stations) sites that require bi-annual (wellsites) and quarterly (compression stations) LDAR surveys. OTA Compression is dedicated to helping their clients, including producers and midstream operators, meet these mandated guidelines.
OGI cameras are one of the federally-approved forms of survey equipment and deliver more reliable results than competing cameras such as the M21. OTA Compression’s OGI camera can survey up to 15,000 fugitive components per day while the M21 is only capable of surveying 200 per day. This is the same technology that enforcement authorities use over M21 because it’s more reliable and more cost-effective. This helps OTA’s team members do their jobs more efficiently and helps the companies they service to rely on these surveys.
OTA Compression is more than just an OGI operator—they are industry vets who know the rules of the survey process inside and out. They understand that not all “leaks” are the same and that issues such as storage tank leaks, Nat Gas, compressor and certain well site leaks need to be handled in a different manner.
OTA Compression isn’t just utilizing this state-of-the-art technology in their survey process, they also implement their own approaches by conducting practice run surveys prior to the official reportable survey. This gives OTA the opportunity not only to find but repair leaks. This is important when complex leaks arrive and allows for time to repair these leaks while other sites are being surveyed.
Every member of the OTA team receives continuing education as a condition of their employment and is dedicated to providing safety and the best customer service in the field. With the industry’s best workforce, their own fabrication facility, and cutting-edge products behind them, when companies turn to OTA Compression, they know they are relying on the industry’s best practices through every step of the survey process.
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