Is Wet Gas Drowning Your Vapor Recovery Unit…and any hope for profitable recovery?

If you are one of the many producers suffering from this common problem, come to OTA for a breath of air! Yes I know, that last statement was corny but it just fit so well. As you may or may not know, the vapors being recovered by a vapor recovery unit from your storage tanks is highly valuable gas known as wet gas. This type of vapor is commonly referred to as flash gas and differs from wellhead gas in both composition and BTU content. Gas or flash gas with a higher BTU content is going to be wetter than the gas you are used to dealing with from the wellhead.
OTA compression has designed a reciprocating compressor as well as an entire VRU skid for just this application. You are probably asking yourself, “a reciprocating compressor for wet gas?” Yes, as you can see in the photo below our patented KS40 compressor is a “recip” with horizontally opposed heads rather than the traditional vertically opposed heads you are used to seeing.

KS-40 OTA Compression

This horizontal head design allows the liquids from that wet gas we just talked about to drop out of the compressor and then be evacuated into the blow casing of our skid’s scrubber. Since our entire skid is pressurized we are able to use this pressure to dump this liquid back into your tanks or ecological pot.
So, we just solved all your vapor recovery problems, right? Maybe? No? Look at this handy chart below to see the other benefits of using OTA’s patented KS40 compressor over screw, vane and traditional reciprocating compressors. As you can see below, screw compressors are just not a good fit in the vapor recovery world. They are noisy, which will not please any landowner I know; they require very frequent and costly oil changes in wet gas applications and they are not the type of compressor many field personnel know how to work on. Don’t get me wrong, screw compressors have their place in the industry, it’s just no in vapor recovery.


If you’re still not convinced on how our compressor outperforms the competition, give me a call and I’ll take you out to lunch. In all seriousness, any OTA representative would love the opportunity to visit with you and or your team. We can even set up a lunch and learn with your company and bring a vapor recovery unit with us and you can get hands on experience with it.

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