Have you heard the great news!? OTA Compression is happy to announce the merger with Kimark Systems. What this means is that we are now adding top of the line Smart Flares (combustors) and Burner Management Systems (BMS) to our product line, as well as new services: flow meter calibration and witnessing & additional service technicians.
Smart Flares, Combusters, Burner Management Systems, flow meter calibration, witnessing
Are you debating between a VCU and a flare? Here a few differences:

  • Naturally higher combustion efficiency
  • Safer to work around
  • Naturally no smoking
  • Performance testing (required for controlling VOC’s from Quad O facilities); EPA listed combustors are exempt


  • Flame exposure, radiant heat
  • Nuisance, noise and visibility
  • Difficult to control combustion efficiency
  • Performance testing exemption

Dual Flare:

  • Handles high/low pressure streams
  • Air assists required for complete combustion (and lift, in some cases) of LP side
  • Performance testing exemption
  • No smoking > 5 min/ 2 hrs

Let’s talk about the Smart Flare and the operation of the unit. By installing a low pressure sensor that detects ounces on the common manifold piping of the tank battery, the flare senses a rise in pressure and starts the burn sequence. With adjustable start and stop set points, the amount of PSI on the tanks and temperature of the burn can be controlled. The Smart Flare has a destruction efficiency of 99% under normal operating conditions.
A few of the features of the Smart Flare include the following: Designed to work in multiple conditions. It can be a stand-alone unit or a relief system for tank batteries with Vapor Recovery Units that may not be able to handle surges of gas. Solar powered to eliminate the need to purchase power, data logging with built in Modbus communication for access through SCADA (or can be retrieved by memory chip), and multi-stage burners to handle flow variability.


26”- 30 MCFD

33”- 49 MCFD

48”- 100 MCFD

54”- 180 MCFD

64”- 283 MCFD

Green Flare
BTEX Flare
We have service guys located in all areas to help with preventative maintenance or Method 22 testing to keep you in compliance. These Smart Flares come fully loaded and will do everything you need it to. Don’t hesitate to call your local Sales Rep for more details on the Kimark Smart Flares and let us help you eliminate your VOC’s from venting into the atmosphere!