Last month a poll came out from the Pew Research Center on people’s thoughts on climate change and what can or needs to be done about it. People from 40 different countries took part in this survey and while most respondents said that something needs to be done about climate change, the ones who thought we didn’t need to do anything were residents of the world’s most emitting countries. Aside from Pakistan, most residents said that we at least need to put a limit on what we as a whole are emitting into the atmosphere. America was 69% for it, followed by China 71%, Nigeria 77% and Brazil at 88%.
Michael E. Mann, is a climate scientist at Penn State University and said that “Such a massive support shows that people are realizing what the impacts of climate change are then whether it is droughts in California or wildfires.”
Green House SummitThe researchers conducting this study noted that the intensity of concern with rising temperatures around the world differs in some nations like the US, Russia and Australia, who are some of the largest emitters in the world of greenhouse gasses per capita were less worried about climate change than people residing in countries that pale in comparison in greenhouse gas emissions such as Kenya, Mexico and India.
The bright side of this study is that it revealed that people in both the United States and France who already think climate change is a real issue that needs dealing with has increased over the past five years. Unfortunately, the amount of people who think the same way in other countries has decreased over the same period. Those countries include Japan, Russia, China, Indonesia and South Korea. The people who are fearing climate change the most in the world reside in Sub Saharan Africa and Latin America.