Recent improvements to OTA’s Wellhead and Vapor Recovery compression units.

OTA Compression is continually striving to increase our products and field services. Check out some of our recent updates to all our Wellhead and Vapor Recovery compression units. 
1) We’ve implemented a larger 20 gal day tank that can be pressurized which allows the oil level maintainer on our compressor to properly communicate and operate. This addition eliminates the need for weekly monitoring and top offs between PMs.
2) Relocated the scrubber blow case communication plumbing to eliminate false readings to the suction sensor. 
3) Through field mechanic input, we also updated the scrubber dump system for our H2S packages. The addition of a pilot operated valve eliminates the need to prime the dump line with liquid and removes the possibility of gas venting into the product tank.
4) Also through field mechanic input, our 75-125E and NG packages now have additional plumbing support brackets on the discharge line resulting in diminished recirculation line vibration.
5) OTA Compression has remote mounted the VFD touch screen to the outside door of the cabinet for our higher horsepower packages. This updated safety feature allows mechanics to adjust set points, monitor status and menus without having to put on PPE or access this high voltage area.
OTA Compression services our competitors’ units. If you have Wellhead and/or Vapor Recovery compression units that aren’t working the way you think they should, contact us, we can help!