Unit Performance Report (UPR) Data Logging

Unit performance reportingAll OTA and Kimark compliance devices come standard with data logging. The raw data that is recorded through data logging can be very tedious to interpret. OTA and Kimark have simplified this process with our “UNIT PERFORMANCE REPORTS.” With this system, the recorded data becomes user-friendly and formatted into a summary that can be utilized by operators, field technicians, and environmental specialists for a variety of uses. Here are few additional examples of why UPR’s could help operators manage their fleets and maintain or improve performance using the data collected.
Training Tool: The report breaks down the unit into easy-to-read and understandable sections that show how the unit is performing. These reports can be used to train employees on how to troubleshoot and diagnose issues with the unit as well as what to look for during a PM.
Diagnostics Tool: Unit performance is spelled out in the report, highlighting areas that need improvement through graphs and charts.
Accountability: This report demonstrates the manager’s ability to evaluate the performance of his employees. It acts as a fleet progress report by identifying the following:

  • How well is the fleet being managed?
  • Is the unit a sound investment? Should we be burning $25,000 worth of gas OR should we recover and reroute with OTA Compression?
  • Is the fleet causing more issues than relief? Should we consider OTA PM Service? Should we consider OTA equipment?

Opportunities: What else can we gain from the results of these reports?

  • Does the unit require service work or parts?
  • Proof of excellent service: verify the honesty of the work being performed.


  • Evaluate the amount of gas the unit is burning annually and determine if vapor recovery is a better solution.


  • Reports identify faulty components for replacement.

Read more about our unit performance reporting including report examples on our website. https://otacompression.com/unit-performance-reporting
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