OTA’s New and Improved Equipment to Better Serve You

OTA’s research and development team are constantly engineering, inventing and improving our product lines to better assist our customers in all of their growing demands. We understand that technology is constantly changing and improving and we are ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve. We recently have added a VRT Max, a dual stage KS40, dual flare, combustors and an H2S compatible VRU.
OTA’s VRT Max enables operators to receive all the benefits that a standard tower would do for an application but its patent pending technology will separate it from the rest by MAXimizing its flash potential. The conditions in this tower replicate the worse-case scenario of conditions in storage tanks. Essentially, the pounds per square inch gauge of the vessel is dropped to “0” (e.g. atmospheric pressure) and the internal heating element simulates a midafternoon summer day (i.e. working/breathing losses). Therefore, the potential for flash in the storage tanks is minute.
This tower has a reversed product flow direction and the oil flows in from the bottom to the top, increasing flash potential steadily on the way up until near 0 psig is reached flashing the remaining vapors off. We are heating the internals of tower thirty (30) to forty (40) degrees Fahrenheit more than ambient temperature. We offer several sizes to best fit your application: 24”, 30”, 36”, 48” (custom sizing available).
Our patented KS40 four cylinder horizontal reciprocating compressor is very reliable for our units in the field and have been proved to be the best in the industry. We have recently expanded our discharge pressure capabilities to allow operation to as high as 300 psig for low pressure VRU applications. Our units can be reconfigured easily in the field to this two-stage operation. This expands the operator’s capabilities to pull a vacuum on VRTs (increases flash potential), accept separator gas, and pull down wells (in wellhead applications).
OTA’s skid mounted dual flares are equipped with a ProFire burner management system. We can handle low pressure inlets to 120 MCFD and high pressure inlets up to 1.5 MMCFD LP. We can control vapors from HP and LP lines with a stand-alone unit. Our uniquely designed dual chambered scrubber handles both lines of pressure within the same vessel. Our units can handle H2S and CO2 and are designed in accordance with 60.18, 63.11 63.771. It has been approved at a 98% DRE.
If your operation does not have enough gas to justify a VRU but still need to remain in compliance with air quality rules and regulations we can also provide you with a combustor. All of our units handle a variety of inlet pressures, volumes and BTU content and are H2S capable. These units are Scada capable and have adjustable stack heights to meet state and local height requirements. We have been granted a 98% DRE, which exceeds EPA design and operational requirements. Most importantly, it is Quad compliant to control emissions from storage tanks and separators. They are built with safety in mind and have several components in place to ensure they work properly.
Lastly we have added a H2S compatible VRU to handle your sour gas regions. We wanted to create a cost-effective and ergonomic H2S unit that was as durable as the rest of our fleet, despite the harsher conditions it would be introduced to. The design was simple. Line the inner pipework with Corvel 1660, a coating that is impregnable by corrosive acids and lasts lifetime of the unit. For ease of maintenance the scrubber and plumbing are segmented. At each segment is a Victaulic gasket with a lifespan according to the H2S concentration as seen below in table A. We are currently offering this on our GTO20 and GTO30 electric units but will push it across all of our units in the future.
I hope this brief overview of new and improved products shows how OTA is constantly striving to find the next solution to the problems our customers face in the field. Feel free to contact your local sales representative if you have any questions on or any other OTA equipment.