Kimark Dual Flare Upgrades

Kimark has recently made some modifications to our Dual Flare.
Our Dual Flare installation has been simplified! Upon arrival there is very minimal set up required since the flares are assembled prior to shipping. The stack ships with the head, blower duct, and pilot trolley track attached.
There is a programmable timer for continuous pilot ignition which can be set to a desired frequency. The pilot design was shortened to keep it out of the main flare flame. By keeping the pilot out of the flame, it is no longer in direct heat which means it will require less maintenance, so parts won’t wear out as quickly or as often.
Kimark added a stainless steel braided hose, carbon steel wafer check valve, and red a green operational status lights.
Kimark dual flares meet company safety standards, requirements, and compliance regulations. All Kimark and OTA equipment is designed to federal and state design, monitoring, and operational requirements. The dual flare is no different!
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