Compressor Tech2: Vapor Recovery


Over the past three years or so, the EPA has progressed from asking producers and midstream companies to monitor VOC emissions to requiring them to recover 95% of VOC emissions if they exceed 6 tpy as found. Some companies decided to get ahead of the regulations, but many waited until the last minute in order to see exactly what the EPA and the state agencies would require.
“This has created a rush to purchase equipment,” said Vickie Gage-Tims of OTA Compression LLC, another provider of VRU equipment. “Since the original compliance date of August 2012, OTA has increased its VRU production capabilities by more than 500% to accommodate demand. We have positioned OTA to play a major role in closing the industry’s VRU gap.”
OTA said that they provide services that ensure that clients have identified their affected facilities and have reliable data and properly sized equipment to achieve compliance ahead of deadlines […]
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