The Results Are In!

3-1/2 years ago OTA Compression made the commitment to design and offer an H2S compressor package that wasn’t disposable. Obtaining that goal would provide our customers with equipment worthy of the investment and allow OTA the peace of mind its packages would be reliable. After 36 months run time on a location containing 14% (140,000 ppm) H2S, our prototype unit has returned from service. The results are excellent. So much so, this same unit will be back in operation by the end of the month in just as harsh an environment.
Items replaced: the compressor. Not because of damage, wear and tear or excessive hours, but because an examination of compressor internals and rotating assembly was needed. The pictures show no signs of corrosion being present, and all plumbing fared just as well. The use of stainless steel fittings, tubing, NACE rated components, a suction scrubber and associated piping lined for H2S service required no replacement.
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(All pictures are “as removed, no cleaning”)