Solutions to VRU Downtime

Congratulations, you have already invested in the best vapor recovery unit on the market which will keep you in compliance with the rules and regulations of TCEQ. Now, I am positive you are wanting to verify that it runs effectively to capture the most vapor possible to capitalize on those emissions and remains in compliance.
EPA requires that your unit captures at least ninety five (95) percent of vapors over the course of a year in order to meet the requirements of your permit. In order to meet these regulations many operators consider alternative equipment as a backup for downtime situations. We suggest a vapor combustor plumbed in with an auto‐diverter valve. This will enable the gas to divert from the vapor recovery unit to the designated combustor when the unit is down. At sites where downtime is not an option we would suggest a secondary VRU or VCU on site. The secondary unit will not need a permit if it runs less than four hundred and eighty (480) hours a year.
There are several common issues that can occur that will make your unit not function. For example, if your sales line is shut in due to maintenance, your unit will go down on high discharge. High oxygen, high liquids or the client’s line to sales line frozen will also make the unit stop with the same issue. The unit will also shut down with low/high suction volumes. An example of a low suction

Vapor RecoveryVapor Recovery

down could occur when the prevention of vacuum pull on tanks occurs. An example of a high suction warning can occur if the conditions exceed the VRU capabilities. The final common issue which could cause the unit to shut down is a high oxygen signal. This will happen if the vacuum seals on (a) vent valve(s) are not functioning properly.
OTA understands the importance of your units run time and have reliable mechanics locally to correct your issue as soon as possible. We strongly believe preventative maintenance programs are essential to keeping equipment operational and maximizing profits. Every leased unit comes with a thirty day PM and every purchased unit has the option to purchase a maintenance program through us.
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