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No matter what type of emissions control device or vapor recovery unit is chosen, it must be operational when vapors are present. With any continuous duty equipment, it must be properly maintained in order to comply with air permits, avoid costly fines, protect one’s emissions initiative investment, and help extend the life of the equipment.
OTA Compression has educated, experienced, and safety conscious mechanics that are ready to address compression and vapor combustor maintenance needs. OTA provides personalized attention and unparalleled customer service to our clients! We will meet specific needs by utilizing an individual approach. We’ve signed many long-term clients by initially retrofitting competitor VRU’s and flares, helping them salvage some unfavorable purchase decisions.
OTA Services (but not limited too):

  • Facility or Site Inspections – Examining and repairing any leak points on tank batteries and equipment.
  • Potential to Emit “PTE” Tank Battery Testing – Air quality regulations require that tank battery emissions be accounted for, reported, and effectively managed. OTA utilizes industry and state DEQ approved sampling techniques too accurately and effectively measure emissions from production and produced water storage tank facilities. We ensure quality testing, reporting, and laboratory analyses.
  • Customized Units – natural gas and electric wellhead compression, vapor recovery, and vapor combustion solutions to meet site-specific and client-specific needs.
  • Right Sizing Compression – Over-sized compressors translate to higher overhead as a result of excessive maintenance costs, fuel gas, oil usage, and multiple other factors. Under-sized compressors can result in inefficient capturing of vapors, especially at peak-intervals. Allow us to correctly size your compression fleet and increase your profitability.
  • Preventative Monthly Maintenance Programs – compressors, flares, and combustors.
  • Retrofitting – maintenance and repair of competitors’ vapor recovery units, flares and combustors
  • Consulting – installation and plumbing of emissions controls and preparation for PTE testing.
  • Training – “On location” for all control devices and vapor recovery equipment.

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OTA’s most admired feature is our service: sales, unit availability, 24/7 technical support, PTE reports, and the list continues. We can offer flexible programs to meet every need. When it comes to equipment repairs, we do not simply attend to the symptoms of the problem; we identify and fix the root problem.
Our equipment is designed with the mechanic in mind, allowing ease of accessibility for field maintenance. We maintain a deep stock of units and parts located throughout our market areas (Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas) to help expedite our response times and keep our units operational. We offer lease and maintenance contracts, so we know the challenges in the field.
We are aware of the operating costs incurred by compression and control applications. Our equipment is built in-house and tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers regarding price and application. OTA has effectively evolved an extensive line of equipment allowing more flexibility, precision, efficiency, and simple maintenance. Whether a unit is leased or purchased, OTA stands by its products and services throughout the life of the machine. We maintain long-term relationships with all of our clients by offering PM packages and consulting. Our clients are never left in the dark.
Contact an OTA representative today to see how we can be of service and find out what Gold Standard customer service is all about!

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