Safety – That is the Primary purpose of a BMS

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Burner Management SystemThere are a lot of dangerous things that occur on Oil and Gas treating locations. One is lighting a gas-fired piece of equipment.
With a Kimark Burner Management System (BMS)
You turn on a switch at a panel that is a safe distance away from the burner. The BMS automatically lights the pilot flame. After the fire is lit, the BMS will open the main fuel valve, and monitor the flame with a state of the art flame detector that recognizes the UV radiation of a flame and only a flame. It is mounted away from the flame, so it is a low maintenance device. If the flame goes out, the BMS will initiate a reigniting sequence automatically.
The BMS can also monitor the temperature of the vessel and will shut down the burner if the temperature exceeds the safe temperature setting.
The Kimark BMS has the ability to control the temperature of the liquid in the vessel you are heating to a precise temperature that you select. It controls the temperature by controlling the amount of gas going to the burner rather than turning the gas on and off or switching from High heat to Low heat. Kimark maintains a constant temperature. As a result, you get a reliable and consistent result every time.
The important part is that Kimark BMS does all of this safely, automatically, economically with reduced damage to your equipment.
For more information on how OTA and Kimark can help you, contact one of our sales representatives in your area.