picture2Regulatory changes that once were a trickle now seem to crash like Niagara Falls through the Oil Patch. It can be nearly impos­sible just to know the regulations, let alone get into compliance while trying to run your main business.
OTA Compression is quickly becoming the go-to compliance company for the Permian Basin, Oklahoma, Colorado and else­where. Here are seven reasons why.
OTA has Quad Oa experts on staff. This is where it all starts—knowing the regulations. OTA has two fulltime people who stay on top of new regulations and updates to old ones. LDAR (Leak Detection and Remediation) rules, new standards for containing leaks, FLIR cameras to further refine detection capabilities—it’s all part of the service for OTA.
OTA tests each location and helps design the right system. Joe Gehringer, OTA’s West Texas Field Operations Manager, puts it this way. “We’re able to test existing emissions and help our clients understand the Quad Oa standards they’ll have to meet and to determine the profitability of reselling the vapors compared to combusting them. Once that’s determined we can design and install the right system to accomplish that.”
OTA/Kimark offers any system the client needs. Compres­sors, combustors, VRUs and any related components are all available directly from OTA/Kimark, so there’s no need to shop around. The company does all installation.
Training is available. Properly trained client personnel can solve most issues, so Kimark offers complete training for all equipment.
Service is available 24/7. When clients do need service, OTA has the personnel to handle any question any hour of the day—whether it’s by phone consultation or onsite visit.
Follow-up testing and reporting. Once they complete the installation, regulations require verification at regular intervals to make sure it’s still in compliance. OTA can do all this and offer thorough reports on emissions, equipment runtime versus downtime and much more, to verify compliance and to help schedule maintenance.
Service on other companies’ equipment. Joe notes that the downturn has put some competitors out of business and led oth­ers to reduce their service levels. For OTA, they have instead increased their service presence, not only training their personnel on competitors’ hardware and software, but also carrying parts in inventory. “We can make sure no one is left behind by other companies’ issues,” Joe says.
Vickie Gage-Tims, the company’s VP of sales, says these are the reasons that they have grown significantly during the downturn. They have added both technicians and sales people, responding to the fact that more and more companies in the Perm­ian Basin are relying on OTA/Kimark for emissions compliance so those companies can concentrate on their core business.
Here is how you can stop worrying about compliance issues—by trusting all of it to OTA/Kimark. Call them this week.
Contact Patrick Watrin at 432-270-4157 or Brian Whaley at 432-528-8058 to lay those compliance issues to rest once and for all. Web address: www.otacompression.com.