OTA’s Environmental Department Strategy

Oil and gas environmental policy and regulations are in constant flux. Due to this constant change, it’s not uncommon to get weighed down with the rules and give up trying to reach and maintain environmental compliance. Of course, giving up is a detrimental strategy if growth and expansion is your company’s goal. That is why OTA has developed a proven process to help simplify environmental compliance. Our strategy places the operator in a knowledgeable, compliant, and confident position while allowing them to maintain operational flexibility. Allow OTA to help you save time, effort, and money.
It’s a daunting task to keep up with all the moving parts in the oil patch. OTA understands this and is set to serve you with our locally staffed technicians to identify and characterize your site’s potentially affected facilities for rule applicability determination AND repair.
After a review of your site’s equipment and processes, our experienced environmental specialists will determine regulatory applicability and lay out your compliance options. We do this while keeping your interest and operational flexibility a priority.
Execute & Comply
With OTA, we not only generate the report, provide air emissions calculations, and serve as technical consultants in response to federal, state, and local agencies, we also support clients with our premier in-house products and services: Vapor Recovery Units, Vapor Combustor Units, Dual Flares, Burner Management, Control Equipment Management and Maintenance, Method 22, LDAR, Closed Cover and Vent Systems Monitoring, etc. This combination provides our customers with the means to comply with applicable rules.
If your company needs help with environmental compliance strategy, contact OTA at compliance@otacompression.com for more information.