When every field’s vapor recovery situation is different, from the amount of vapor to the presence of liquids, you need a compression/VRU company that offers individually tailored solutions—not just a couple of pieces of we’ll-make-it-fit options. Flexibility, reporting and service after the sale are all part of the package for industry leader OTA Compression.

Since installing their first compressor unit in the field in 2004, OTA has provided clients with compression and vapor recovery units that offer extensive controls and reporting functions.Starting with those first units, OTA has listened intently to clients for input on the design and function of their units.

OTA now offers 28 different models—14 natural gas powered and 14 electricity powered—to meet any size and type of field situation. New models are constantly being updated with the latest advances in engineering and technology. For example, as of 2015, OTA’s electrically powered units are equipped to handle hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). Every unit made in recent years can be programmed for either wellhead compression or vapor recovery, providing the ultimate in flexibility.

Midland Article - OTA January - 2016

Caption: OTA Compression’s new generation GTO 20 E H2S VRU/WHC package can handle hydrogen sulfide gas, along with just about any vapor recovery situation you have. Call them at 972-835-6383.

In their arsenal of products, OTA offers intake-side suction ranging from 20” of water column-80psi and discharge of 5-350 psi. Horsepower options range from 10-125.

State-of-the-art reporting functions—known internally as “data logging systems”— inform users of operational availabilitymotor run time and fault hours and much more information as needed (i.e. downtime, inlet/outlet pressures, discharge temperatures, status registry codes, etc.).

It is important to remember that all units not only meet EPA Quad 0 and other regulatory standards, they capture for sale BTU-rich gases (containing propane, butane and other NGLs), the profits from which more than pay for the VRUs in short order.

There are also industry-leading economies of operation. To accomplish this, first, OTA personnel can perform in-depth testing (i.e. Direct Measurements) in order to right-size the installation, which the 14 unit sizes lets them do with great precision. Plus, each unit is designed with variable speed capability in order to match the variable inlet pressures. Many competing units have only two speeds—fully on or fully off—which wastes energy and runs the risk of clearing out accumulated gas too quickly and sucking oxygen into the system—creating a dangerously volatile situation. OTA systems avoid these issues altogether.

OTA’s field service is unequalled in the industry. As OTA stands for Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas, its primary service area, the company stations technicians all through its territory, never more than two hours from any customer’s site. The company strategically caches parts infield locations so technicians can get them quickly and have repairs or PMs done with minimal downtime.

In addition to their own units, OTA technicians service customers’ legacy VRUs from other vendors in order to provide the complete package of wellhead compression and VRU for every customer.

When you are ready to simplify your VRU and wellhead compression by turning it all over to the industry leader, call OTA Compression.

OTA Compression is your one-stop shop for Quad O emission testing, smart control devices, quality process equipment, natural gas or electric wellhead compression/vapor recovery and field services. Call OTA at 972-835-6383 to learn more. See them on the web at www.otacompression.com.