OTA Compression / Kimark Systems is your vapor recovery solutions company. We are a customer-oriented, service driven organization. OTA provides high quality equipment with unmatched service support. When capital expenditures are under a microscope, it is crucial to have a service company that backs you in a cost-effective way. OTA’s field service hands are local, experienced, safety focused, and on-call 24/7. As well, we provide preventative maintenance programs and third party service work to ensure your units are running efficiently with continuous uptime.
We have unparalleled product and service offerings in the O&G industry. For instance, all vapor recovery units, combustors and burner management systems come standard with data logger and SCADA ready. With equipment data collected on a continual time scale, we’re able to transform that data into a Unit Performance Report (UPR) for an easy-to-read diagnostics. The report is a comprehensive account of each unit’s operation efficiencies and a great tool to have a more detailed understanding of your unit and production. This report is a valuable record to verify you are meeting regulatory compliance.
OTA Compression / Kimark Systems understand customer’s needs of high performing equipment at a fair rate. Thus, we provide all-inclusive packages to verify we are meeting facility requirements and environmental regulations. Our base models, whether for VRUs, flares, or combustors come 100% in compliance and ready for installation. However, this principle does not hold true for our competitors.
Other suppliers in the industry typically have a basic unit that needs a ton of adder options to satisfy production, plant and state/federal requirements. Generally, they do not include standard features such as C1D2, a continuous pilot, solar panels, data loggers, flame arrestors, flame loss monitoring, sour gas applications, etc. These added capabilities usually cost between $500-$5000. By being blindsided by additional costs, upstream and midstream companies have a major challenge of budgeting with our competitor’s equipment. We encourage clients to confirm they are comparing apples-to-apples with equipment vendors. 

Caption: GTO40NG (40HP Natural Gas Package)

OTA Compression / Kimark Systems’ all-encompassing packages include the necessities to run at optimum efficiency while meeting regulatory compliance without paying for the additional “options”. Moreover, our units were designed with the end-user in mind for ease of operation. Our equipment is ergonomically built with low maintenance. For example, the majority of our compressor replacement parts can be found off the shelf at most auto part stores. We believe in low cost maintenance along with field service support to guarantee success.
Don’t be fooled by the “bottom line” price tag that you will come across in the vapor recovery and combustion market space and carefully read through the build-out to identify what all comes with that “bottom line” price tag. Odds are, it does not include all essential parts and pieces for operation or installation. As an O&G optimization company, we provide ourselves on supplying customers with complete packages. We don’t want to surprise you with additional costs that you weren’t budgeting for or didn’t realize was required to be operational and compliant.