OTA Compression and Kimark Service Offerings

24/7 Service
OTA Compression and Kimark have a diverse offering of services for our clients which includes servicing equipment that is not our own. Contact OTA or Kimark if you would like to learn more details about the services listed below or for us to give you a competitive bid for the services you are currently being provided.
Environmental Services
Leak Detection and Repair – (LDAR)
Utilizes an Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera to detect hydrocarbon gas being emitted from Fugitive Emissions
Components (known lead sources) at customer facilities

Examples – Hatches, flange joints, welds, stainless steel ferrule fittings, PRV’s, pneumatic controllers

Emissions testing for Quad O and Air Permitting

Using meter runs to directly measure vapor emissions from vessels to best size equipment for the location

Gas sampling to determine gas composition and potential to emit (PTE)

Liquid sampling to determine liquid composition and potential to emit (PTE)

H2S sampling to determine the H2S content present utilizing personnel trained to work in a sour gas environment
Storage tank maintenance / repairs as required / determined from LDAR and Emissions Testing
Air permitting – Fill out the required forms and submit to the state DEQ’s and or EPA
Data gathering for air permitting purposes for location permitting
Method 22 combustor and flare testing and report per Quad O / Quad Oa

Monthly 15 min. test on combustion devices to determine combustion efficiency

Diagnostics of Control Equipment by compiling and analyzing Data Logging information to ensure efficient equipment operation and adherence to compliance standards
Unit Control Upgrades / Solutions
Burner Management Systems (BMS)

Can be installed to control and monitor any fired vessel

(heater treaters, separators, line heaters, vertical stabilizers, dehy, re-gen)

All Upstream, Midstream and Downstream operations use equipment that requires this control and monitoring

Existing Unit Controller Replacement

OTA / Kimark has the ability to replace existing unit controllers on competitor’s equipment to ensure better unit performance.


Kimark can provide SCADA hardware (radios, antennas, network and communication solutions) and related services (installation, support / service, parts)

Unit Repairs and Maintenance
OTA / Kimark not only maintain and repair our own equipment but we’ve the knowledgeable personnel to maintain our competitions equipment. (Abutec, San Juan, Hybon, Reef) and many others.
Maintenance Contracts
24/7 Call Out response
Third Party unit repairs