OTA Compression Employing Measures to Maintain Safety With The Truck Unloading Process

OTA Tank MonstorOTA Compression is taking additional steps in their truck unloading process to ensure fewer vapor emissions and better safety with every delivery. The vapor recovery and wellhead compression company is employing several steps to improve the overall delivery process across their fleet.
While many other trucks in the industry unload with what is known as a splash or submerged method—these solutions allow for vapors to be released from the truck during the unloading and loading process. Determined to employ a solution that allows for more controlled vapor recovery, a majority of the trucks in OTA Compression’s operation use what is known as a bottom loading method. With bottom filling, a loading hose is connected to a nozzle below the liquid surface of a tank, instead of having the filling tube above the liquid surface, or submerged in the liquid from above.
This isn’t the only step OTA Compression is taking either. In this industry, it is essential to have a properly sized truckload or unload combustor. Determining the right combustor requires a few key pieces of information. Crews working with these combustors need to know:

  • What the truck’s vent line pressure limits are.
  • What size truck will be unloading in gallons or barrels
  • How fast the truck will be unloading or how long it will take

OTA Compression takes the time to ensure all of these questions are answered. They also know that sometimes the truck vapors are so full of “air” or rich vapors, that assist gas lines are needed to ensure complete combustion, and they take these measures to make certain combustion is complete. OTA Compression also uses Kimark combustors of a certain size, typically 48” and above, that have two manifolds for the different pressures.
Controlling vapors from bulk loading projects is a complicated process, and it requires a good amount of attention to detail. The loading or filling process used, and the extra steps taken during this process can greatly impact how many vapors are emitted. OTA Compression ensures that loading losses are always minimal, which is why they are one of the most trusted companies in the business.
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