Options vs. Price

In this economy, cost is always the biggest factor that an operator or owner has to keep in mind. When a sales line is available, it makes economic sense to utilize a Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) in order to profit from controlling emissions. OTA is prepared to offer a product line that allows the client the freedom to add or subtract items without giving up the reliability and effectiveness of the unit and add any additional features to customize the unit to best fit each facility. Plan ahead and build the unit now that will best fit your environment.
OTA’s units were coming fully loaded as the “Cadillac” of VRUs, however, some modifications were made to allow the operator to make the unit more simplistic. The options are endless and OTA allows the customer to now decide what needs to be on the unit if it is a purchase.
Options vs. PriceJuly_Week II_Price Strategy (Murphy pic)
Take a look at the options a customer now has when ordering a VRU that best fits your facility.
Do you need your scrubber coded or non-coded? A coded vessel has been manufactured to code and will pass rigorous safety tests to satisfy your record keeping guidelines. What about the control panel? OTA can install a DK Standard, which is very basic, but gets the job done. The DK Premier or Murphy control panels are for units that need to do more than just turn off and on. The auto dump system is also highly recommended, as it will relieve the field technicians from making multiple trips to make sure your unit dumps. Class I/Div I/II means that the unit comes built to OSHA’s and National Electric Codes’ standards, which is based on the type, condition, and nature of the environment. And last but not least, the customer has the option to add an aftercooler, which will cool the discharge gas before entering the sales line to meet the rules of the midstream company.
Just remember, OTA is not the highest priced by a long shot. OTA wants to work with each customer to ensure they are getting the best price, units, and service in the industry! And as always, don’t hesitate to contact the Account Manager from your area to get you a quote today @ (972) 831 – 1300.