Kimark’s Dual Flare is designed specifically for dual stream VOC control at a 98% DRE. The flare controls low pressure (i.e., storage vessel flash) and high pressure (e.g., wellhead, separator, etc.) vapor with one footprint. With a minimum height of 30 feet our smallest version can handle flow rates of 2.5 MMCFD at 30 psig. At 50 feet tall, our largest design maxes out at 5 MMCFD at 30 psig. The modular stacks allow for flexibility and adaptability to make adjustments in the field to accommodate changing conditions. This high-quality dual flare comes in three standard sizes with the ability to add to the vent height to exceed company safety requirements and regulatory compliance guidelines.

The Kimark dual flare is an efficient solution with customizable features that are major benefits for dual gas streams. Unlike other providers, this dual flare has easy access to the self-igniting pilot assembly. As well, these units have a uniquely designed burner system to ensure complete combustion of gas vapors.
The low pressure gas stream is air assisted with a variable speed blower and inlet pressure ranges from 0-16 ounces. The high pressure inlet ranges from 0-30 PSI. Also, the built-in fuel gas scrubber and auto dumping VOC scrubber prevent liquid carryover and potential damage to the unit. The system is built to handle H2S, SO2, CO2, and CO. As well, the Kimark Dual Flare is distinctive compared to other brands with advanced features such as a high liquid level kill, constant flame detection, inlet flame arrestors and inlet gas shut-off valves.
All Kimark and OTA equipment is produced to federal and state design, monitoring, and operational requirements. The dual flare is no different. It operates with a continuous burning pilot with a backup auto-ignition system to ensure that when vapors are present, they will be ignited. The onboard logging computer records equipment performance important from operation and regulatory standpoints. This flare comes SCADA ready with built-in Modbus communications. As well, it has an intuitive touch-screen interface for local control.  It operates in a leak free capacity with its ability to cutoff stream flow in emergency situations.
The dual flare meets the criteria set forth in 60.18 of the NSPS, distinguishing Kimark from other suppliers. It meets the flare tip velocity, minimum heating value, and recordkeeping requirements. Therefore, the Kimark Dual Flare is entirely compliant with the EPA standards with a smokeless burn at a 98% DRE.
The capabilities and progressive features with a cost-effective price sets this dual flare apart from the competition. The Kimark Dual Flare reduces operating costs with environmental benefits by only having one single footprint.