5 Major Differences between a Kimark BMS and our Competitors

Burner Management SystemThe Kimark BMS has proven, next-generation safety features that put us at the leading edge of technology. We have ditched the printed circuit boards and designed a simple and inexpensive system around a proprietary logic controller. Here are 5 major differences between Kimark’s BMS system and our competitors. 

  1. Temperature Control – We control the temperature of the bath by precisely controlling the gas going to the burner. Our competitors seek an average temperature by turning the main burner on and off between a high temp and low temp setting or adjusting from high heat to low heat.

Advantages are:

a. We maintain the temperature of the bath to within a few degrees +/- of a customer selected temperature.

b. We produce a constant, predictable result across all platforms and locations.

c. We reduce operation costs by only using the amount of fuel gas needed to maintain a constant temperature.

d. We reduce the wear on our customer’s equipment by not constantly overheating the burner tube.

2. Kimark’s proprietary UV flame detector “fire eye”

a. Our fire eye only recognizes the UV radiation from a flame. The eye will NOT consider any light a flame.

b. Our eye is NOT an ionizing flame rod that must be in contact with the flame.

c. It does NOT require regular maintenance and cleaning to operate properly.

d. It is NOT a thermocouple that has a high failure rate.

e. Our fire eye can see a flame down the burner tube.

3. Our Display is an LCD, not an LED.

a. Most LED displays are 4 – 5 characters that can only display a limited amount of information requiring toggling through several screens to get all of the information.

b. We provide multiple lines of data on each screen.

c. We have a graphics display that can show trends.

d. We provide all pertinent information on a single screen.

e. We protect our screen from UV radiation from the sun.

4. All powered connections to and from our controller are routed through a fused connection NOT directly onto a printed circuit board.

a. A blown fuse is easier to troubleshoot and cheaper to fix than a burnt trace on a circuit board.

5. Our control box, junction box, and battery box are made of steel or stainless steel, NOT polycarbonate.
To read more about Kimark’s BMS systems visit http://kimark.com/burner-management or give us a call at 817-416-8881.