KS40 Vapor Recovery and Wellhead Compressor Units Stand Alone

We all know you have many decisions to make when it comes to choosing and buying a compressor that best fits your facilities, but look no further. OTA is proud of our patented KS40 compressor that is utilized for vapor recovery and wellhead compression, so let me explain why it’s the best.
The KS40 is a four cylinder compressor that is designed for a low initial cost, flexibility and ease of service and low maintenance. Utilizing the universally available Volkswagen engine as the frame, the KS40 is perfect for oilfield compression. Its horizontally opposed heads allows the compressor to evacuate liquids during operation and standby modes – something the other recip compressors can’t do. It is also a closed loop compressor system which prevents escape of vapors to the atmosphere during run and standby modes. The closed loop design allows for the system to be positively pressurized eliminating any chance of oxygen being introduced into the system – essential for VRU applications.
There are other options but they face some challenges:
Screw Compressor: Uses rotary type positive mechanism and uses two screws known as rotors to compress the gas. The gas enters the suction side moving through as screws rotate. Rotors force gas through the compressor to later exit at the end of the screws making this configuration very sensitive to fluid. Additionally, upon being damaged, there is little to be done in the field – you have to incur the expense of returning to the shop and most likely replacing the whole compressor.
Vane Compressor: Rotor with blades inserted in radial slots. As rotor turns, blades slide in and out of slots keeping contact with the outer wall. Most of the same issues that a screw has exist here.
The maintenance of the KS40 is much easier than any other screw or vane compressor in a VRU. When something goes wrong, you do not have to remove the compressor from the package which makes the process much easier since the heads and valves are easily accessible. Also, need a new part and don’t have time to order? No problem. Just run down to the closest automotive store and get what you need.

KS-40 OTA Compression

The below chart is a great comparison of OTA’s KS40 compared to other recips and the screw/vane compressor. We know you have many options when purchasing a VRU, but we hope you consider OTA’s for the simple reason of how the quality of our KS40 proves to be the best in the business. And as always, don’t hesitate to contact any sales representative with any additional questions/concerns with the KS40.


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