Kimark News ArticleSafely burns low-volume VOCs without need of electrical grid!
Full SCADA-ready control, UV flame detection make SmartFlare solution of choice!
Environmental regulations and economics both require dealing with volatile organic compound emissions, wherever they happen. How you deal with them varies depending on the volume and the distanced from an available pipeline.
When volume is small and distance is great, flaring is often the only recourse- but doing it safely and efficiently is the key to doing it right. For well over a decade producers throughout the Permian Basin and the United States have turned to Kimark’s SmartFlare to handle flaring safely and efficiently.
Here are the key advantages of SmartFlare:

  • UV flame detection eliminates release of dangerous raw gases. Much better system than what other units use.
  • Burns 99.9 percent of VOCs, meeting all Quad-O and other regulatory standards. Kimark’s unit is pre-certified.
  • Field service provided throughout the Permian Basin and SE New Mexico.
  • Solar power means no electric grid or connection needed.
  • Easy installation.
  • Available two-stage system allows maximum flexibility to handle low and high pressure streams.
  • SCADA-ready for remote monitoring and control.
  • Provides complete gas flow data by day and hour.
  • Useful for pressures as low as 2 oz. PSI up to 300 oz. depending on composition of gas.

Producers large and small have installed more than 1,000 of these units in oilfields in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana and as far away as North Dakota.

Each unit records complete data (temperature, pressure and runtime) on a 2 gigabyte memory chip, which can be transferred to a computer and viewed as a standard CSV file in Microsoft Excel. Or, by connecting with the included MODBUS, it can be controlled and monitored remotely through a SCADA system. The operator can set up parameters from an intuitive menu and make any changes remotely. This is key as regulators are requiring more and more documentation.
For example, the system can be set to start at 6 oz. PSI and shut off at 2 oz. For greater flexibility SmartFlare offers a two-stage system that can accommodate much greater changes in volume and pressure.
The standing pilot, UV flame monitor and remote pressure monitor makes the system completely automatic and safe.
Installation is simple, usually requiring only 2-3 hours. Kimark personnel personally oversee first-time user installations and are available for consultation/troubleshooting on an ongoing basis as needed.
There is a long history behind the SmartFlare and other Kimark systems. The company opened for business in 1999 and has a long history of making and selling coalbed methane and wellhead gas controls and measuring devices that can be monitored by SCADA systems.
Now, more than 1,000 units later, SmartFlare is the combustor of choice for a growing number of clients across the oil patch.
Call Kimark this week to ask how they can solve your remote combustor issues.
Kimark is headquartered in Southlake, Texas, with offices in the Permian Basin and elsewhere. For more information, visit their website at or call 817-416-8881 or 432-270-4157.