“Every time we go onsite to install one of our burner management systems the field people run up and thank us profusely for installing a system that is so much safer than their older one,” says Kimark Senior Product Specialist Lyle Welch.
If you have an older burner management system (BMS) with a burner that requires manual lighting, this is a known safety hazard. Every year fires, explosions and other accidents cause millions of dollars in damage and fines and injure a significant number of workers.
Kimark’s K100 through K400 systems are different; they not only monitor flames more accurately and efficiently, their automatic ignition system eliminates the need for anyone to stand near a flowing fuel feed with a lit flame.
The company’s full-tilt commitment to optimizing their units with the latest technology provides this, plus so many other benefits. Their Fire Eye UV flame detector is unique in the BMS world. Many other flame detectors are stuck in the 1940s with mechanical detectors that can misread the presence or lack of a flame. The Fire Eye, instead uses the latest ultraviolet technology to extend detector life and to read the presence of the product of combustion only—not to be confused by external heat or light sources. This eliminates the false flame signals and outages caused by flame rectification rods wearing out or becoming dirty. This way, Kimark’s system makes sure your burner is always on when it needs to be, safely burning the escaping vapors that could otherwise lead to fines, injuries and damage. It also closes inlet valves when the burner can’t be re-lit.
You can monitor this system remotely, through Kimark’s SCADA ready systems. They are also equipped with a serial MODBUS connection ready to download data to a laptop. The monitoring system gives office personnel information on when the flame is needed and when it’s not and whether the burner was indeed operating. The system also monitors total operating time, number of re-ignition attempts and much more. Manual override capability is included, as well.
New technology brings more flexibility. Instead of printed circuit boards with fixed configurations, Kimark systems are flexible enough to allow their field personnel to ask users, “What are your needs?” and deliver exactly the right system.
“Kimark always stays on the front-end of technology,” says the company’s Zach Root, “in order to create better and more cost-effective systems for our clients.”
Even with all these features, the system’s interface is very user-friendly. If questions do arise, Kimark specialists are always available for help. In fact, Kimark’s service team is unmatched in the sector—there is always someone ready to give advice by phone or travel directly to you and tackle this issue in person. There are already hundreds of these units installed across the oil patch, but thousands of locations are still using dangerously outdated equipment. For an on-site demonstration of Kimark’s K-series units (and some really great barbecue) call Kimark today to make arrangements.
Kimark is headquartered in Southlake, Texas, with offices in the Permian Basin and elsewhere. For more information, visit their website at or call (817) 416-8881 or (432) 270-4157.

Call industry leader Kimark today at (817) 416‑8881 or (432) 270‑4157 to learn more about their cutting edge flaring solutions and their unmatched service.