Kimark’s Turn-Key BMS Solution is So Much More Than a Panel.

Kimark BMS SolutionsKimark offers fully customizable burner management systems with LCD displays and precision temperature control. All of our BMS systems include Modbus communications and are delivered as a complete system.
Flame Detection
The most critical requirement for any BMS system is identifying and monitoring the flame. Kimark’s proprietary Fire Eye is able to differentiate between a flame and other light sources that can result in false readings and/or gas valve opening. When an unauthorized flame is detected, it will send an alert and will prevent ignition.
Fully Turn-Key Solutions. We set you up for success!
Installation is not our only concern. We have sourced the best parts and solutions for your Model of BMS. Through experience and research, we know the best parts to supply and have them on hand at the time of installation. When sourcing parts we take careful consideration of the geographic location where the BMS will be as well as where the BMS should be placed on the unit for convenient service and maintenance. Every detail is done intentionally with safety and efficiency for our clients. Kimark’s Turn-Key solutions include:

  • Onboard Modbus on all Versions of their BMS
  • Onboard Data Logging
  • Solar Panel, Charger, Batteries and Battery Box
  • Pilot Gas Valve with Control Solenoid
  • Igniter with Coil
  • Fuel Gas Valve with Control Solenoid
  • UV Flame Detector
  • Temperature Probe
  • Main Operating Valve (MOV)

Contact Kimark for details of our unit line up. We have four models to fit your needs including multiple burners that have an individual pilot and fuel gas shut offs.