Midland Article - Kimark January - 2016INDUSTRY-LEADING – KIMARK SMARTFLARE (10 – 200 MCFD)


With increasing regulations and safety requirements (Quad 0 in particular), operators and midstream companies cannot afford VOC pressure variations to surprise them, allowing those VOCs to escape into the atmosphere. Where tanks and other storage facilities are too far from pipelines to allow for capture and sales, Kimark has for years been the industry leader in safely and cost-effectively combusting hydrocarbons.

Kimark’s SmartFlare units are uniquely built with multiple stages, designed to quickly detect increases in VOC pressure and ramp up accordingly. For example, the first stage starts at 4 oz of pressure, the second at 5 oz and the third at 6 oz. Because these pressure upsets can be unpredictable, it is vital to have a flare unit where the set points can be set to whatever is needed and that adjusts itself automatically.

Large installations are no problem for Kimark—a recent Delaware Basin installation included a 64” combustor with six stages, capable of handling flow rates as low as 20 mcf and as high as 200 mcf without batting an eye. This wide flexibility combined with cost-effectiveness is one more way in which Kimark leads the industry.

SmartFlare can be installed quickly by end-user personnel. That’s because these units are self-contained, using solar power instead of needing to be wired to electricity that may not be available at all in remote locations. In fact, SmartFlare needs no separate fuel supply, being ignited by stored solar power and burning just the VOCs.

For midstream companies with glycol dehydration units, Kimark offers a burner management system. There are approximately 250 of these systems installed. The BMS is a unique combination of flame ignition, data acquisition and control. Its ‘Pilot on Demand’ system allows the pilot to remain off until needed—at which time it is ignited using solar power.

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Coming soon is the new K-100 burner management system, a more basic system engineered to provide great performance at a streamlined price, compared to the K-400, which is currently the industry standard.

All this is indeed cutting-edge technology that is continually updated to incorporate the latest advancements in order to keep it as reliable and efficient as possible.  No need to rely on 1960’s circuit board technology!

Because remote monitoring is vital, SmartFlare is designed Modbus ready, designed to connect to your SCADA system in just seconds. It measures gas accumulation for the previous day and the previous hour, for your records. Its onboard monitoring system also continuously tracks temperature, pressure and runtime, storing that data on a two gigabyte memory chip, which field personnel can easily transfer to a computer. The data can then be copied off or viewed as a standard CSV file for use in Excel spreadsheets.

Should help be required, for installation repair or preventive maintenance, Kimark technicians are ready to help anywhere in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico.  Very few equipment providers have service coverage like Kimark!

For safety, Quad 0 compliance and environmental quality, Kimark is the industry leader. Call them this week.

 Kimark is headquartered in Southlake, Texas, with offices in the Permian Basin and elsewhere. For more information, visit their website at or call (817) 416-8881 or (432) 270-4157.