Have your Facility Tested for Emissions before it is too Late!

Have you had your tank vessel facilities tested to determine if you have an affected facility according to the NSPS Quad O rules and regulations? If your answer is no, let OTA Compression help you out. We provide two different types of testing that not only quantify your emissions but also right size your vapor recovery unit or control device. Regardless of which way you decide better meets your needs, choose OTA to ensure you are receiving proper test results. Both test types (Simulation & Direct Measurements) provide our clients with potential to emit (PTE) emissions and emissions information for air permitting purposes. Below are the specifics of what information each report provides you.
Simulation testing consists of a 500cc sample cylinder, process separator, and E&P Tank software. Our highly trained field technicians extract the liquid (crude oil) sample directly from the sample port of the final separator and the sample remains under the same pressure of the given separator. The sample is sent to a certified laboratory for compositional analysis (C10+). The results are inputted into E&P Tank to compute the facility’s emissions rates. The report contents will contain the E&P Tank emissions summary, OTA generated economic assessment, and the original lab analysis data sheet. Specific contents to note are BTEX, sales oil specific gravity, API gravity, molar weight, and Reid vapor pressure (RVP).
Sample Lab Results:
The second type of test is called Direct Measurement. This test is frowned upon by TCEQ during the colder months because it may not provide accurate results but in the warmer months will provide your facility with worst case scenario. This is a twenty four hour testing period with a reading captured every ten seconds throughout the test. Our field technicians will place a metering device on your vent line in order to capture your real time results. This will capture your peaks and valleys of your real time scenario of normal conditions. We recommend a pre site inspection of your facility to make sure there are no leaks or anything wrong within the facility which would cause your test to be false. Our report will include flow rates (total, average, peak), an economic assessment, VOCs per tank, and a flow rate chart, to mention a few.
Below is a sample chart capturing all 8,640 readings in a twenty four hour testing period.
Please email enviro@otacompression.com if you have any questions or would like to set up either test at your facility.