Have You Ever Tried a Wellhead Compressor on Your Oil Well? Maybe you should…

When some people think of wellhead compressors they think of gas wells and nothing else. When gas is below four dollars many people don’t think about either. Obviously, compressors are still necessary to push gas into a sales line, however, they can also be utilized on oil well applications. But if wellhead compressors is your interest, then refer to the wide variety of wellhead solutions that are detailed at the bottom of the page.

Utilizing a wellhead compressor on an oil well can often greatly increase both your oil and gas production. Usually the uplift in gas is enough to pay for the compressor, while the increased oil production leads to higher revenue is the gravy on the top!

Below are some recent examples of what we have done. While these may not look like your production, OTA knows that there are a million variables as well as solutions to fit your needs. The profitability shown below is based off of $4 gas and $90 oil and does not account for processing or transportation costs.

Test well 1-10bopd, 135mcfd

Older production that is starting to decline in oil production due to increased back side pressure. Many times we find that your back side pressure has climbed up to around 40lbs. Depending on how much gas we think we will need to move, we will set a compressor and pull that pressure down. In this case, we placed a GTO20E (20 horsepower electric unit). We found that the optimal pressure to pull down to was around 7lbs. After achieving this, we were able to increase oil production by over 40bopd and 100mcfd. This equates to over $11,000 dollars a month in gas and 100,000 in oil.

Test well 2-40bopd, 350mcfd

New production that was unable to produce more oil due to higher line pressures. This producer was seeing wellhead pressures around 80lbs. In this case we placed a GTO75E, a 75hp electric unit. The pressure at the wellhead was pulled down to 5lbs, and we saw an almost immediate uplift of 90bopd and 200mcfd. This uplift has continued at a stable rate for about 7 months. This equates to over $225,000 in oil and 22,000 in gas.

As you can see, there are many cost effective advantages to using wellhead compression. We even offer trailer mounted units that can be moved as much as you like while you find what wells respond best.

Below are the units we offer for sale or lease in both electric and natural gas. Additional info and performance curves of these units can be found HERE!

Wellhead Solutions:

Electric Motors: 10hp, 20hp, 30hp, 60hp, 75hp (below)

Natural Gas Motors: 24hp, 40hp, 75hp, 125hp

Wellhead on Oil Well

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