With environmental regulations—and fines—for flares mounting almost daily, making sure you’re in compliance becomes more and more important. With this in mind, Kimark Systems helps operators stay compliant and avoid fines.
The foundation of Kimark’s success is its equipment. Kimark is designed with current technology from its flame sense that has no peer to its specialized controls. Kimark’s equipment is designed to be compliant with current and anticipated future regulations, providing on-board logging of runtime, downtime, stack temperatures, pressures, and more. Operators must prove the combustor to be running at least 95 percent of the time that there is sufficient vapor pressure. Kimark’s combustors are tested to achieve 99 percent destruction rate efficiency (DRE). The Kimark difference does not stop with its modern equipment – SERVICE puts an exclamation point on it.
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Field service has to be the first line of defense! Kimark has service technicians on the ground – they don’t have to come from another state! No matter what equipment you have, it only helps you when it’s working. Kimark has on-call technicians ready to help you in any oilfield in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arkansas. No other company has this type of field service coverage!
Training is key! Kimark can train your people to understand and operate the equipment—another way to further speed the process and maximize operations. Kimark VCUs are carefully engineered to be simple to operate and easy to repair.
Preventative maintenance drives performance and Kimark response. PMs properly done at the right intervals can, as the name implies, prevent breakdowns. Because no two sites are the same in terms of flow or presence of corrosive materials, Kimark can help you determine the proper intervals—usually ranging between six months and three months.
When appropriate, that PM includes the Method 22 examination of fumes required by multiple regulatory agencies. What’s important here is that Kimark technicians are thoroughly trained in both the equipment and in regulatory requirements, so they can make sure your installation remains compliant.
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ENVIRONMENTAL AND REGULATORY KNOWLEDGE guide all Kimark does. With a full time Environmental Manager, Kimark stays on top of the EPA regulations and helps you do the same. Before installation Kimark can provide analytical services to determine how much gas there is and what size unit is right for each location. By monitoring the installation for 24 hours first, Kimark can determine fluctuations in flow rates and detect the occurrence of flash gas, in order to recommend flares that accommodate all possibilities. They also sample the gas itself for content, ensuring a better solution.
Soon, Kimark plans to release its line of DUAL FLARE units, which contain both a low pressure (i.e. tank vessel flash gas) and high pressure (i.e. emergency flaring, wellhead gas, separator gas) lines. This will allow for the ultimate in flexibility, especially for large installations, whose vapors may fluctuate greatly over time. These units will include all the great features of Kimark’s flagship combustors, including MODBUS, ease of maintenance and all.
It is easy to see that Kimark is the industry leader in Quad O compliant combustors and flares—and why they’re worth a phone call first thing Monday morning!
Kimark is headquartered in Southlake, Texas, with offices in the Permian Basin and elsewhere. For more information, visit their website at or call (817) 416-8881 or (432) 270-4157.