Environmental Compliance

OTA’s Environmental Department coordinates and collaborates with our Field Services Department in order to provide the listed synergistic products and services. Our team’s understanding of air emissions regulations coupled with extensive field experience and equipment knowledge allows OTA to provide a more well-rounded air emission compliance consultation and report. This results in better operational flexibility for your company. Below is a list of services we offer.
Air Compliance
Site Assessments
A site visit is conducted to determine applicable air regulations governing the O&G site. Research is conducted to determine current compliance status, as well as historical compliance. We provide a report with our findings and options to assist you in obtaining and maintaining environmental compliance.
Compliance Packet
When a registered permit is not required but regulatory compliance documentation is, we provide you with site specific documentation to serve as proof of air emissions compliance for presentation to regulators upon their arrival for inspection/investigation of your site.
APD Emissions Certifications
There are instances when a registered air permit is not required for you to operate but federal regulations call for your site’s air emissions to be federally certified to be authorized to operate. If you are unaware if your site is affected in this manner we can provide you with an applicability determination. If affected, we can assist you by providing you with all that is required for you to federally certify your emissions.
Permit By Rule (PBR)
If your site requires a registered air permit by rule due to its equipment, location, or processes, we can assist by facilitating the issuance of an air permit by rule. This involves the completion and submission of the numerous regulatory documents required by environmental regulatory agencies. During the regulatory review of said documents, we serve as the regulator’s technical contact on behalf of your company. Once the permit is issued we review it for completeness and discuss, with regulators, any variances required for operational flexibility.
PBR Amendments
When certain modifications occur at your site, they may cause you to have to modify your current air permit. We conduct a streamlined evaluation to determine if changes to your current air permit are required. If a permit amendment is required, we complete the required documentation and submit the air permit amendment application to regulators. This allows you to continue to maintain compliance by possessing a permit that accurately reflects your production site’s current operations.
Emissions Inventories
Do you know if you are required to submit an annual or special emissions inventory to your regulatory agency? Factors regarding your site’s location, equipment, processes, emission levels and emission types will determine if your site is required to submit an emissions inventory. Allow us to help you determine if you are in compliance with emissions inventory requirements.
Greenhouse Gas (GHG)
Do you know if you are required to submit Greenhouse Gas Reports to the EPA? We can help you determine if you are applicable to Greenhouse Gas Reporting and can assist with the required reporting.
OOOO / OOOOa Compliance Services
Because of our unique position in the oil and gas industry, we can provide cost-effective and streamlined Quad compliance services with local environmental technicians handling Method 22 testing, LDAR, Site Assessments, Site Sampling, Storage Tank Emissions Applicability Determinations, as well as other services.
Method 22 (M22) Testing
All OOOO / OOOOa affected storage tank facility controls (e.g. combustion devices) require monthly fifteen (15) minute visible emissions tests. OTA’s seasoned environmental technicians are trained to repair in-house and 3rd party combustion devices and conduct M22 tests.

Monthly Report

Lists Test Results (i.e. Photos, Visible Emissions Duration, Explanation Why a Unit Failed, Unit Photos)

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Surveying
Whether it be OOOOa or state required fugitive emissions component surveys, we have you covered. All of our Optical Gas Imaging camera operators are certified by the lnfrared Training Center (ITC). They are trained to provide guidance for leak prevention and trained to complete leak related repairs.

Method 21

3rd Party QA/QC Surveys

Equipment Troubleshooting and Repairs

Comprehensive Documentation / EP Annual Reporting


Emissions Testing
Determining an oil and gas process stream’s composition and production rate can be measured by several means depending on the purpose of the results: permitting, applicability to rules, sizing control equipment, etc. With our experience and skillset, we ensure that the proper sampling method is utilized to meet the end goal.

Liquid and Gas Sampling


Direct Measurement of Vapor

H2S Sampling

Unit Performance Reporting (UPR)
Don’t wait until it is too late to fix. Find the (potential) issues now, fix them, and restore the control equipment to operational status and meet or exceed the mandated 95% Control Efficiency (CE).

Visualization and Interpretation of Equipment Data Logs

Calculates a Unit’s “actual” Operation Efficiency (ask us how)

Diagnostics Tool – “Fleet Troubleshooting in Seconds”

Closed Cover and Vent Systems
(CVS) Monitoring
Quad O/Oa affected storage vessels and control equipment facilities require monthly AVO inspections for hydrocarbon leaks. Prevent health and safety problems caused by VOC, H2S, and Methane emissions.

Auditory, Visual, and Olfactory Inspection (AVO)

Report Controls Troubleshooting and Repair

OTA has real solutions. We have developed a proven process to help simplify environmental compliance. Our environmental department comes with extensive field experience and understanding of regulations to provide a well-rounded compliance consultation and report. Give us a call at 214-717-0775 or email us at compliance@OTACompression.com.