2018 4C Health/Safety/Environmental Conference

Environmental services 4C Conference Gabriel Kent
On April 3, 2018, Lead of Environmental Services for OTA Compression and Kimark companies, Gabriel Kent gave a presentation at the 4C Health/Safety/Environmental Conference on “How to comply with OOOOa LDAR requirements effectively and remain cost-effective.” The 4C Conference is a gathering of the industry’s top minds sharing relevant and insightful developments that are shaping the industry both now and in the future. The topics covered included compliance strategies from well-respected O&G environmental experts.
Gabriel’s presentation was focused on giving participants perspective of a service company that has made its business on supplying clients (O&G producers) with all the information to produce the most effective, efficient, and economical decisions. OTA’s environmental department believes they have a streamlined solution to comply with Quad Oa LDAR affected facilities: well sites and compressor stations.
With a history of supplying vapor recovery solutions, OTA can support the end-user every step of the way to a leak free and well “oiled” affected source. Our specialists and managers not only locate leaks, but we also fix them with the most effective, efficient, and economical solution.
The root cause of a fugitive emission leak is not always straightforward and may require the expertise of our lease manager, emissions specialist, and operations manager. The outcome must be able to control emission volumes by containing them within a closed loop system to prevent the release of a fugitive emission. We use a highly effective LDAR program to serve our clients.
For more information on OTA’s Environmental Services, contact our compliance services at compliance@otacompression.com or call 214-717-0775. We also offer permitting services you can reach them at compliance@otacompression.com or call 469-704-4149.