Compliance Services

OTA Compression has a unique position in the oil and gas industry that aids in providing cost-effective and streamlined Quad compliance services with local environmental technicians handling Method 22 testing, Leak Detection and Repair Surveying, Unit Performance Reporting.

Method 22 (M22) Testing

All OOOO / OOOOa affected storage tank facility controls (e.g. combustion devices) require monthly fifteen (15) minute visible emissions tests. OTA’s seasoned environmental technicians are trained to repair in-house and 3rd party combustion devices and conduct M22 tests.
Monthly Report that includes: Test Results, Photos, Visible Emissions Duration, Explanation Why a Unit Failed, and Unit Photos.

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Surveying

Whether it be OOOOa or state required fugitive emissions component surveys, we have you covered. All of our Optical Gas Imaging camera operators are certified by the Infrared Training Center (ITC). They are trained to provide guidance for leak prevention and trained to complete leak related repairs.

Unit Performance Reporting (UPR)

Don’t wait until it is too late to fix. Find the (potential) issues now, fix them, and restore the control equipment to operational status and meet or exceed the mandated 95% Control Efficiency (CE).

-Visualization and Interpretation of Equipment Data Logs

-Calculates a Unit’s “actual” Operation Efficiency (ask us how)

-Diagnostics Tool – “Fleet Troubleshooting in Seconds”

OTA has real solutions. We have developed a proven process to help simplify environmental compliance. Our environmental department comes with extensive field experience and understanding of regulations to provide a well-rounded compliance consultation and report. Give us a call at 214-717-0775 or email us at