E&Ps Concerned as New Mexico Tightens Emissions Standards; OTA Environmental Solutions Opens Carlsbad Office to Help with Compliance

Recent New Mexico environmental legislation opens the door for tighter regulations and greater oversight of emissions in the state. OTA Environmental Solutions’ (formerly OTA Compression) new Carlsbad office is poised to help in those areas.

Here’s a summary of the new actions:

SB 8 lets state regulators create more stringent air quality standards than those of national agencies such as the EPA. Producers operating under older regulations could face more fines and greater emissions restrictions.
Vapor recovery must expand to include all leak sources, and flares must be maintained to burn cleanly and consistently.

HB 76 lets state regulators consider an emissions applicant’s prior record when issuing new permits. Repeat violators could be sanctioned or denied. This means violations will not just ‘go away’ after the fine is paid. They could make future permits harder to get for the foreseeable future.

HB 51 requires state agencies to make the government’s environmental information database available to the public by 2022. This will allow residents and environmental groups to easily track emitters statewide, pressuring operators to keep their image clean along with the air.

With greater restrictions on the way, it is fortunate that OTA Environmental Solutions and Kimark were already planning to open their Carlsbad office on June 1. Producers looking to boost ESG compliance or to capture and monetize escaping assets can depend on the company for complete service.

Increasing revenue through vapor recovery and limiting fines through environmental compliance are their specialties. OTA’s Carlsbad location sells and services vapor recovery units, flares, combustors, and instrument air. OTA also provides environmental services such as LDAR, permitting, Phase 1 surveys, greenhouse gas calculations, and more.

It is clear that OTA is ready to provide the full range of products, services, and expertise to meet your vapor and emissions challenges, no matter how stringent they become. They manufacture all equipment in-house under strict quality control standards, so you can depend on it to do what you need with minimal downtime.

The Carlsbad office will continue the company’s commitment to exceptional customer service 24/7. Field technicians are highly trained and totally service-oriented. Being nearby allows OTA to have better response times and more focused on NM operators.

Concerned about New Mexico’s regulatory changes? Call today and learn how OTA can help you with compliance.
Contact information: Call 432-305-9740 or email sales@otacompression.com