Air Emissions Management Equipment

Some benefits from installing vapor recovery units, vapor combustors, and flares at oil handling and production sites are:
o   This equipment provides the ability to capture, collect, and sell storage tank vapors and vapors from loading operations.
o   This equipment reduces potential volatile air emissions released into the atmosphere at/from an oil and gas site. This reduction of air emissions provides a safer work environment for company staff and contract personnel.
o   This equipment facilitates regulatory air compliance. It does this by satisfying state and federal air quality regulatory requirements placed upon oil and gas handling and production facilities, e.g. requirements from NSPS OOOO/OOOOa.
o   The equipment provides the ability for a site to remain at a lower air permitting level. This, in turn, provides great operational flexibility.
o   The combined use of vapor recovery and vapor combustion equipment at an oil and gas handling and production site is a complementary vapor management strategy. It increases the regulatory emission reduction potential and allows emissions reductions to remain in place even when a portion of the control equipment at the site is experiencing downtime due to scheduled maintenance or emergency repair/replacement scenarios. This reduces incidents of uncontrolled emission releases, deviations, and reporting.